Welcome to the Cassette Kings website.

Remember when we used to make tapes of our favourite songs for our friends or to adapt those tracks from our vinyl to a portable audio device?

We do.  We wanna help to bring that back.

We grew up listening to old school hip-hop and remembered having no money for the new imports that we heard on the radio.  When we did get enough money together to buy some we always made sure we’d make a copy for our friends or even make a mixtap or compilation for them, and we’d more than often get a few in return.

We are back to share some of that music on a tape. We’re not busting copyright. We’ve looked into it because we’re only charging you postage.

We tape directly from the vinyl and put out a 90 minute tape every month that is a selection of  Hip Hop or Electro-Funk that was recorded between 1979 and 1992.  CDs began to rule the roost after then, shortly followed by the ability to burn your own CD-Rs. We don’t live in the past, we love new media but we also missed the thought and enjoyment making a tape could bring. Today it’s all click and drag. Where’s the joy and care that went into making a compilation for your friends.

It’s a lost art. We’re bringing it back.

Peace, Lord Of The Reels, B.A.S.F. and FreakTape

Volume 1 is available NOW.

A selection of either Well-known / Rare / Unreleased / Demos of Electro and Hip Hop (and it’s sub-genres) from all around the world.

UK Postage & expenses = £5.00 for one C90 Tape with a fully designed cover.

Email: cassette.kings@yahoo.com for payment details


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